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Mobility for electric vehicles is now also available with the TOTALENERGIES Card

By promoting electromobility, we are taking another step towards sustainable energy. This is why you can now use your TotalEnergies Card to charge your electric car - quickly and without cash. In more than 25 European countries, drivers can charge their electric cars at a total of 63,500 filling stations with electric charging stations, regardless of whether they have a mixed or 100% electric fleet.

Our cooperation partner NewMotion provides you with the largest network for e-mobility in the EU. In addition, this collaboration enables you to easily monitor the charging process using the NewMotion app.

TOTALENERGIES has had fast charging e-pillars since 2014

Auto während eines Eletroladevorgangs

As early as 2014, we equipped our multi-energy filling stations with new types of fast charging stations. You can fill up with hydrogen at these filling stations or charge your electric car with up to 80% battery capacity within 20 minutes at the new electric charging stations with CCS charging standard.


With EV charging at fast charging stations, you also have the choice between direct current and alternating current. We cover all electric vehicles regardless of manufacturer and year of construction. Because we rely on all forms of future mobility.


Electromobility made easy with your TOTALENERGIES Card

Simply use your TotalEnergies Card to pay and to charge your environmentally friendly electric car. Control the charging process of your electric vehicle with a simple click of your smartphone and receive important information about the charging process on the e-pillar directly on your phone. It's quick and efficient.

Our offer applies to all commercial and freelance customers who partially or completely rely on electromobility. So you can pay quickly and easily anywhere with the TotalEnergies Card, even with a mixed fleet. Of course, our TotalEnergies Card still works with normal refueling.

With the TotalEnergies Card for EV charging, we offer you a means of payment for your modern and sustainable mobility needs. As with normal payment processes with our fuel card, you will receive all information and services purchased clearly on one invoice.

All product advantages at a glance

  • one means of payment for multiple mobility claims
  • Access to the NewMotion app, which simplifies the charging session
  • all on one bill
  • largest network in the EU of EV charging stations

Contact information

TotalEnergies Card Kundenservice für Bestandskunden

+49 30 2027 8236

TotalEnergies Card Kundenservice für Interessenten

+49 30 2027 8722

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