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Low-sulfur heating oil extra light - for controlled and low-emission heating. Our standard extra light heating oil (EL) stands for inexpensive thermal energy with low emissions.

These are the advantages of  TOTALENERGIES standard low-sulfur heating oil

TotalEnergies extra light heating oil is an inexpensive source of energy for your heat supply with a controlled, standardized and certified TotalEnergies quality. We offer you a tried and tested product in DIN quality in accordance with the DIN 51603-1 standard.

Our low-sulfur heating oil EL is suitable for all oil heating systems and has a maximum sulfur content of 0.005% (50mg / kg).

Another feature of our standard heating oil is that it helps reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. For particularly energy-saving heating, we also offer you our premium heating oil thermoplus . Our bio premium heating oil thermogreen , which consists of at least ten percent sustainably growing raw materials, is an environmentally friendly alternative that combines thermal energy with climate protection.

Do you have any questions about the right heating oil for you? We'd be happy to advise you.


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