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With our TOTAL Bio Premium heating oil thermogreen you combine climate protection with thermal comfort. It consists of at least 10% sustainably growing raw materials and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

TOTAL thermogreen: Keeps you warm and is good for the environment

TOTAL Mitarbeiter mit Tankschlauch von einem thermogreen Tankfahrzeug

The production of the organic raw materials for our TOTAL Bio Premium heating oil thermogreen takes place according to certified ecological and social standards.

Natural areas such as forests and wetlands are not displaced by the degradation. With our TotalEnergies bio heating oil you also save mineral oil resources and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.





What are the advantages of TOTAL Bio Premium heating oil thermogreen?

Low-sulfur heating oil is used as the base fuel, whereby the sulfur content in TotalEnergies bio-heating oil thermogreen is a maximum of 0.005%. A high-quality TÜV-tested active ingredient complex ensures additional storage stability. This gives TotalEnergies thermogreen its proven premium quality.

Of course, the product properties have been checked. They correspond to DIN SPEC 51603-6 EL A Bio10 and the specifications of the manufacturers' association BHD Info Sheet No. 42.

Additional advantages:

  • Reduced CO 2 emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Residue-free combustion
  • Consistent use of energy
  • Reduced heating oil consumption
  • Particularly odorless

The TOTAL Bio Premium heating oil thermogreen is ideal for heating systems with a single-line oil supply. If you would like to use the TOTAL Bio Premium heating oil thermogreen with a conventional heating system, you should check your oil pump, hoses and seals for FAME suitability beforehand.


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