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TOTAL ALTEK ® - our bitumen for the roofing and waterproofing membrane industry

The requirements for high-quality roof construction are complex, which is why the quality and processing of the materials are particularly important. Our bitumen experts agree and swear by polymer bitumen sheeting. The coating consists of a uniform mixture of bitumen, polymers and mineral admixtures, which means it defies all types of weather - hail, cold, heat, thus promising a long service life and achieving the highest quality levels. Our distilled bitumen ALTEK ® was developed precisely for this purpose.


Arbeiter, der ein Dach abdichtet

With the ALTEK ® distilled bitumen , our experts have developed a product that enables the production of polymer-modified compounds for roofing and waterproofing membranes based on SBS copolymers. In addition to the good dissolving power of polymers, the high outlet temperature and the constant quality of ALTEK ® 160/220 R facilitate further processing of the product.






The characteristics of TOTAL ALTEK ® :

  • Special product for the roofing and waterproofing membrane industry
  • Complies with the requirements of DIN EN 12591

If you would like personal advice or would like to have any outstanding questions answered, our experts from the Brunsbüttel bitumen plant will be happy to assist you.



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