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TOTAL petrol - EXCELLIUM Super Plus, Super Plus, Super and Super E10

The word "petrol" used in common parlance is a general term for petrol such as Super, Super Plus and Super E10. They are environmentally friendly, sulfur-free gasoline types that are specially tailored to the requirements of your vehicle and convince with consistently high quality.

EXCELLIUM Super Plus is the premium fuel among the petrol that cleans and protects your petrol engine.

All petrol from TOTALENERGIES at a glance

Our lead- and sulfur-free TotalEnergies petrol such as Super, Super Plus and Super E10 meet all legal requirements according to DIN EN 228 and contain highly effective additives that increase the performance of your fuel and improve its properties. When you fill up with our petrol, individual engine parts are also kept clean and dirty valves and injection nozzles of your engine are cleaned.

The difference between the unleaded 95 (Super or Eurosuper and Super E10) and unleaded 98 (Super Plus) petrol lies in the different knock resistance, which is expressed in so-called octane numbers - 95 or 98. The higher the octane number, the better the knock resistance and the higher the quality of the fuel.


Close up eines TOTAL Zapfhahns mit der Aufschrift Super Excellium


Our EXCELLIUM Super Plus is suitable for all vehicles with gasoline engines - even for classic cars. Thanks to regular controls of production in our refineries through to the gas station, we can maintain our high quality standards.


Close up eines TOTAL Zapfhahns mit der Aufschrift Super Plus

TOTAL Super Plus

TOTAL Super Plus is a particularly engine-friendly fuel. At your TOTAL petrol station, we usually offer you the sulfur-free high-tech fuel EXCELLIUM Super Plus.



TOTAL Super Zapfhahn


Our unleaded TOTAL Super is suitable for almost all vehicles with gasoline engines. It is one of the most popular fuels across Europe.



Close up eines TOTAL Zapfhahns mit der Aufschrift Super E10

TOTAL Super E10

TOTAL Super E10 is our high-performance gasoline with a higher proportion of biofuel, which reduces CO 2 emissions.

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