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There is tough competition in the steel industry - every opportunity to improve productivity and reduce operating costs must be used. High-performance lubricants and lubricants individually tailored to your systems enable you to remain competitive in your industry.

CERAN - the special greases for your machines

Gießen von geschmolzenem Stahl in der Gießerei

Thanks to optimized lubrication, our CERAN greases offer your industrial plants optimum protection and a long service life for your machines, thus reducing your maintenance costs. By using CERAN lubricants, which are harmless and environmentally friendly, you promote the health and safety of your employees and protect the environment.

We have been successfully active in the field of calcium sulfonate complex fats for 20 years and, with what is now the 5th generation of CERANs, we are bringing a product range onto the market that meets the requirements of today and tomorrow.






Compared to the standard greases, the CERAN range has a special soap structure, consisting of fibers and micelles. This unique structural arrangement offers outstanding grease properties, especially with regard to:

  • the mechanical stability
  • the corrosion protection
  • Water resistance

Promote environmental protection with CERAN lubricants

The CERAN greases contain no heavy metals and no components that pose a risk to health or the environment. In the steel industry, CERAN greases offer “best-in-class” performance in terms of resistance to water washout.

The process water is less contaminated by loss of grease, which means that our CERAN range enables savings in terms of water treatment additives and filter cleaning. This also has a positive effect on the environment.

Since the CERAN greases cover a very wide range of applications, you can reduce your lubricating grease stocks. In addition, the new thickener offers improved corrosion protection and provides maximum long-term protection for your equipment. With the use of CERAN greases, relubrication quantities can also be reduced and the lubrication intervals extended. This leads to savings in the long term.

TOTAL Schmierstoff-Sortiment für die Stahlindustrie


    The advantages of CERAN greases at a glance:

    • Minimization of the types of fat on site
    • Security for your systems
    • Reduction in fat consumption
    • Optimal protection
    • Long life span
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • environmental Protection


    Aluminum is one of the most important construction materials of our time. As a company with special know-how in the field of aluminum rollers, we have set ourselves a clear goal: to meet the growing demand for aluminum with a complete range of special lubricants.  

    TotalEnergies offers a comprehensive range for the various areas of application in the aluminum industry: The high-quality lubricants optimize machining accuracy, increase efficiency and extend the service life of your systems. 

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