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The chemical industry is a complex area that serves almost all industrial customers, from consumer goods to heavy industry. So that you can operate your production systems optimally and profitably, we offer you the right lubricant concept, consisting of oils for compressors and pumps, process oils, heat transfer fluids and special greases.

TOTALENERGIES offers the right product for every area of ​​the chemical industry

Schmierstoffe in der Chemie

We have more than 40 years of experience in the development of products for the chemical industry and today we offer you an extensive product portfolio. We use our know-how to develop individual lubricant concepts for your industrial plants.

Our products not only meet the latest international standards, but are also registered with the National Science Foundation. With our oils and fats, we promise you the highest level of protection for the environment, your customers and employees.





In addition, we guarantee you optimum protection for your systems and machines through the use of TotalEnergies lubricants. Less friction and therefore less wear and tear extend the service life of your systems and reduce your operating and maintenance costs. The increased reliability of your systems is also reflected in the increased operating performance.

The following greases and lubricants  are in our product range:

Compressor lubricants

Heat transfer fluids

Special fats

Process oils


We would be happy to support you in developing an individual lubricant concept especially for your systems.

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