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What are ELF HTX engine oils?

TotalEnergies has introduced a new range of classic oils with its ELF brand. HTX technology was developed to meet the needs of these demanding engines.

ELF Htx engine oils for classic cars

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The TotalEnergies brand ELF has responded to the demands of vintage and classic car enthusiasts with its new range, the HTX Classic Oils. HTX technology has been specially developed to meet the needs of your classic car. The high-quality HTX oils are suitable for youngtimers, for oldtimers as well as for the oldest engines and counteract the usual wear and tear.





Which HTX engine oils for classic cars are there?

The product line consists of four engine oils that meet the different requirements of the engines according to their year of construction.

HTX Collection 20W-50

HTX Collection 20W-50


This engine oil is aimed at owners of classic cars such as the Citroen DS, the Ente, Dauphine or the Peugeot 403, which were manufactured from 1950. Thanks to the viscosity of 20W-50, this product makes it easier to start the engine, even after long periods of inactivity. In addition, wear and tear is prevented in the event of a sharp rise in temperature.

HTX Prestige SAE 40 

HTX Prestige SAE 40


This oil was specially developed for vehicles built between 1900 and 1950. It is particularly suitable for vintage engines that do not have an oil filter or are equipped with a cyclone separator.



HTX Generation 15W-40

HTX Motoröl Generation


This multigrade oil ensures optimal engine protection in cars built between 1975 and 1990. The excellent viscosity index guarantees a smooth start even after long periods of inactivity and protects the engine from high thermal loads. HTX GENERATION 15W-40 is specially tailored to the needs of old and youngtimers, as it uses a mixture of special additives that are matched to the engines of this vehicle generation.


HTX Chrono 10W-60

HTX Chrono 10W-60


This oil is suitable for youngtimers and classic sports cars, such as VW Golf GTI, Peugeot 205 GTI, Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari and Porsche as well as many other youngtimers of the 80s. Ideal for everyone who demands high performance from their vehicles on the racetrack. The viscosity of this oil allows the full power of the engine to be used without the risk of wear and tear or mechanical damage. It was developed with the help of modern additives and oils on a synthetic basis and is therefore suitable for high-performance engines with or without turbo compression.



The HTX Prestige Oil is particularly suitable for high-quality classic car brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar and Bugatti.


What are the advantages of HTX engine oils?

With more than 45 years of experience, ELF HTX engine oils stand for unrestricted and unique technology. The advantages:

  • Optimal corrosion protection, even after long periods of inactivity
  • Optimal lubrication behavior thanks to a constant oil film
  • Comprehensive wear protection through HTX technology
  • Engine cleaning and care of your oldtimer or youngtimer

Why should you use ELF HTX engine oils for classic cars?

The classic car oils were developed by engineers in our research center in Solaize. With a wide range of products, HTX oils are suitable for young classics, for sporty collector's items and for the oldest engines. They reduce wear and tear and provide the necessary engine protection for your classic.

You can also refuel your classic car with our EXCELLIUM Super Plus fuel . This premium fuel is characterized by its particularly high anti-knock properties and excellent cleaning properties.

Discover our TotalEnergies products, the classic HTX canister design and all HTX news on our website HTX Classic Oils .


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