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AdBlue® - The innovative fuel additive to support your SCR catalytic converter

AdBlue® is used in diesel vehicles that are equipped with SCR technology.

What is SCR technology? SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction (in German: Selective Catalytic Reduction) is the name of a technology for the treatment of exhaust gases that converts nitrogen oxides (NOx) into water vapor and nitrogen with the help of AdBlue®.

AdBlue® supports the reduction of NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides)

It enables vehicles to meet the European environmental standard Euro 6d-TEMP. It is in line with the latest standards from motor vehicle manufacturers who have improved their exhaust systems to meet the Euro 6d-TEMP standard.

The properties of AdBlue® and advantages for your vehicle's SCR catalytic converter:


AdBlue® is an aqueous solution that consists of 32.5% urea and 67.5% distilled water. This product thus complies with ISO standard 22241-1.

Originally the AdBlue® was only used for trucks, but now it is also used for cars.

The AdBlue® available at TotalEnergies filling stations is a particularly high-quality product that ensures that your SCR system works perfectly. With the help of AdBlue®, your SCR catalytic converter reduces the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.

The product is considered harmless because it is biodegradable, water-soluble and colorless.


 Easily and always close by - fill up with AdBlue® at TOTALENERGIES

In October 2003, the world's first integrated AdBlue® dispenser for trucks was installed in the TotalEnergies filling station network. TotalEnergies now offers one or more truck fuel pumps at over 160 filling stations, including special AdBlue® dispensing systems for cars at over 15 locations.

Without these special dispensing systems, the use of AdBlue® canisters is recommended, which are sold at TotalEnergies filling stations. If the AdBlue® light on your dashboard lights up, you have to refill at least 4 liters for the message to disappear.

What should you watch out for with AdBlue®?

  • AdBlue® is non-flammable, non-explosive and not harmful to the environment.
  • AdBlue® is a non-hazardous product. If it gets on clothing or skin, it is best to rinse with water.
  • AdBlue® can have a corrosive effect on certain metals. In the event of splashes, it is best to rinse with water.
  • AdBlue® is a particularly pure solution and must therefore not be filled with canisters in which other liquids have previously been stored.
  • AdBlue® must never be mixed with water or other substances, especially diesel. Such a mixture is dangerous because it can seriously damage the SCR system.
  • Make sure that you do not fill AdBlue® into the diesel tank and that you do not fill the AdBlue® container with diesel fuel.

You can find out which vehicles have an integrated AdBlue® tank on Changeforblue .

Protect the environment and drive nitrogen-reduced with AdBlue® from TotalEnergies!

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