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EXCELLIUM Diesel and Truck Diesel -
the premium fuel for cars and trucks

The premium diesel fuels  EXCELLIUM Diesel and EXCELLIUM Truck Diesel developed by TotalEnergies make your engine cleaner with every kilometer and increase its service life. This also reduces pollutant and CO 2 emissions, which is good for the environment.


Our high-tech diesel fuel is suitable for all diesel vehicles and offers you many advantages compared to fuels without specific additives:


TOTAL EXCELLIUM Super Plus Zapfsäule

Longer engine life *

The specific additives with corrosion protection and friction reduction increase the protection of your engine and sensitive engine parts by cleaning them. This protects your vehicle in the long term, which leads to lower fuel consumption and less wear and tear.

Special active ingredients ensure that your engine has a longer life expectancy.


Lower fuel consumption *

Deposits on the engine are also a thing of the past with the EXCELLIUM Diesel. The engine remains clean and efficient. The improved running properties of the engine also help to reduce pollutant emissions and, unlike other diesel fuels, ensure a neutral odor.


Reduced sensitivity to cold and low noise *

By increasing the cetane number in the EXCELLIUM Diesel, the engine noise inside and outside of your vehicle is reduced by up to 37% when it is cold.
Thanks to the EXCELLIUM Diesel and Truck Diesel formula, the premium fuel makes it easier to start your engine at low temperatures.


Less contamination of the injection nozzles *

The pollution of the injection valves of your engine is reduced by up to 93%, unlike with normal diesel fuel. As a result, the performance of your engine is retained longer.


Time savings *

With our EXCELLIUM Diesel and Truck Diesel you save time: Thanks to the foam-inhibiting properties, you can fill the tank much easier and faster. You can fill up with EXCELLIUM Diesel and Truck Diesel at all TotalEnergies filling stations.


Composition and use of EXCELLIUM Diesel

Cetananzahl Average of 54
Main ingredients and additives Detergents, corrosion protection, antioxidants, foam inhibitors, cold resistance, friction modifiers, fragrance, pro-cetane
Engine compatibility All types of diesel vehicles 



EXCELLIUM diesel fuels are compatible with all diesel vehicles and are the right choice, especially for the latest generation of common rail diesel engines.

Due to its excellent performance characteristics, EXCELLIUM Truck Diesel is perfect for trucks of all types and for agricultural vehicles.

EXCELlium Winterdiesel 

From mid-November to the end of February we offer EXCELLIUM Diesel and Truck Diesel in winter quality. Flow improvers and special additives ensure that you get through the cold season safely with your vehicle. With its new formulation and suitability for cold temperatures of -22 ° C (CFPP) **, the quality of our EXCELLIUM winter diesel even exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 590.


* Compared to a fuel without special additives, depending on the vehicle type, driving style and traffic. Prevents up to 93% of soiling on injection nozzles for diesel - result of tests carried out in September 2013 on diesel engines with indirect fuel injection according to test method CEC F-23-A-01. The result can vary depending on the type of vehicle.
** CFPP - Cold filter plugging point - According to laboratory test procedure (CFPP) in accordance with DIN EN 116

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