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Our Super Plus fuel from TotalEnergies is suitable for most vehicles with gasoline engines and, thanks to highly effective additives, ensures lower fuel consumption and fewer pollutant emissions.

The advantages of TOTAL Super Plus

The fuel meets DIN EN 228 for the operation of gasoline engines and has at least 98 octane (RON). This ensures less consumption and fewer pollutants. Highly effective additives also prevent rust formation and deposits in the engine. These special properties make TOTAL Super Plus a fuel that is very gentle on the engine. So you not only benefit from lower consumption, but also save costs in the long term.

What's in TOTAL Super Plus?

Close up eines TOTAL Zapfhahns mit der Aufschrift Super Plus

Super Plus is a sulfur-free quality fuel that contains up to 5% ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol obtained from plants containing starch and sugar. This admixture helps to meet the climate protection goals of the European Community by conserving the reserves of fossil fuels.

What are the properties of TOTAL Super Plus?

TOTAL Super Plus contains additives that improve the properties of the fuel. They protect your engine from contamination and at the same time clean contaminated engine parts such as valves and injection nozzles. In addition, our TOTAL Super Plus contains petrol, antioxidants and corrosion protection.

Composition and use

Octane number Engine (MOZ): 88 Research (ROZ): 98
Main ingredients and additives Detergents, corrosion protection, antioxidants, demulsifiers

Engine compatibility

All vehicles with gasoline engines


Why should you choose TOTAL Super Plus?

When you fill up with TOTAL Super Plus, you protect your engine, use less petrol and protect the environment. In addition, you save long-term costs for fuel and repairs. At most TOTAL petrol stations, we also offer our premium fuel EXCELLIUM Super Plus, which is suitable for all vehicles with gasoline engines and to which no ethanol is added. With our TOTAL Prepaid Mobility Card  you can refuel safely, quickly and cashlessly. Order your TOTAL Prepaid Mobility Card directly here .

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